Strategic HR Management Case Study: HR Planning and Strategic Change for Wal-Mart

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STRATEGIC HR MANAGEMENT RESEARCH PAPER OF ALPHA GROUP (FIRST DRAFT) HR PLANNING AND STRATEGIC CHANGE FOR WAL-MART [pic] Bouffard, Jason Fiel, Zachary Kizil, Cevdet Pimental, Kristen Swihart, Jason Southern New Hampshire University Strategic Human Resource Management – Dr. Annette West October 29, 2006 CONTENTS I. Abstract II. Wal-Mart Employee Selection, Training, and Development III. Wal-Mart Human Resources Planning IV. Wal-Mart Performance & Compensation Management V. Wal-Mart – Strategy & Strategic Changes VI. Wal-Mart: A Strategic and Financial Summary VII. Recommendations VIII. Conclusion IX. References I. Abstract The primary objective…show more content…
“Wal-Mart grew its training and development program the way it grew the corporation: from store level up.” (Speizer, P. 2) Wal-Mart is such a large organization that their training and development needs to be top notch and have great influence on their staff. An author of Wal-Mart and a worker said, “Their training and development is making a significant commitment and it will be a radar screen for all other organizations.” The company is using a combination of outside vendors and systems it has created on its own in the overhaul of training and development. (Speizer, P. 2) Their new method of training was brought to them by Nike. The process goes something like this, “Each segment is three to seven minutes long and gives the associates the basic knowledge they need about various products. As new products are introduced each season, the training is updated and Nike customized the program for each retailer. Associates are then quizzed at the end of the training and asked for feedback, which gets sent back to managers and they are able to adjust things if needed.” (Marquez, P. 2) This process is an outstanding format; internet is the new way of communicating and training. This type of training is called e-training and is definitely shown to be efficient. Other companies such as Cingular and Nike have taken part in this

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