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p | National Centre for Ports and ShippingDepartment of Maritime & LogisticsHuman Resource Management (JNB324) | | Semester 1, 2011On-campus workshop activities and self study | Topic 2; Week 3: A strategic approach to HRM; The Context of HRM (cont’d); HR Planning. Theme to consider: What is strategically managing human resources? How do we distinguish it from ‘plain HR’? Major topics * Defining strategic HRM * Strategic alignment * SHRM and business strategy * SHRM model * HR policies * The Context of HRM (refer the notes below under Attachments) * The global Context/Australian Economy * Workforce Changes * Changes in work and employment patterns * Political…show more content…
You may select a particular organisation to direct you answer, by way of example. 2. "...concentrate on building organisations that accomplish that most difficult of all challenges: to make people look forward to coming to work in the morning..." * Quick question: Explain the implications for Human Resource Managers of the above quote. 3. Explain the goal of Retention. 4. Read: All Hands on Deck’, 2009, HRMonthly, August, pp. 18-22. Highlight the key points in the article in preparation for an open forum discussion. 5. Read: Pack & Send. 2008 ‘More personal, more global and much more online’ Moving Business Forward: Australian Expertise in Transport and Logistics, pp. 140-141. Highlight the key points in the article in preparation for an open forum discussion. Self study and in preparation for our Week 4 class: The following 3 activities will be discussed at the start of our week 4 session: 1. Researching online: Refer to the attached Reading from the University of Calvary HR Business Plan. Go online and review the current HR activities. Then: * Make a bulleted list of key points on the University of Calgary HR business plan. * Select at least 1 feature of Calvary from your reading and research that ‘stand out’ as related to this week’s topic. of
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