Strategic Human Resource Management Approaches

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Strategic Human Resource Management is the joining of human resource activities and policies with strategic organisational goals for the benefit of achieving and maintaining quality performance of the organisation. The aim of SHRM is to effectively create strategic quality by ensuring that the organisation possess the committed, skilled, productive and motivated employees it needs in order to achieve sustained competitive advantage. In this essay I will critically evaluate different Strategic Human Resource Management approaches, and finally reveal the one that I find the most convincing and the reasons why, by examining the four models and their implications on a firm’s performance. There are four major approaches that need to be analysed…show more content…
This approach is regarded as the simplest approach in analysing different SHRM. best practice is all about utilising certain approaches to not only deliver superior results but to also consider sustainability and ongoing development of the approach that has been used. Using the best practices approach makes it easier for organisation 's to recognise bad practices. They are "Best Practices", because the implementation of this approach aims at improving the performance of the organisation through additional, accountability, compliance, transparency and risk control. The exact meaning of best practices have become so diverse that organisations often move away from the uniformity of the meaning. It is easy for employees to lose their voice within the organisation using this model, and also changes made may not be appropriate from one department of the organisation to another. Very few businesses adopt the best practice model because it is difficult and also takes too long to implement. There are limitations to this approach, like the fact that it is unitarist and does not take employee perspective into account, they ignore national and organizational contexts. This approach is crisis driven and actually has a poor track record. This approach has been
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