Strategic Human Resource Management Case Analysis at Home Depot Company

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Strategic Human Resource Management Case Analysis at Home Depot Company

Musalia Doughty

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
1.0 Overview of the Organization 3 1.1 Corporate Hierarchy of Home Depot 4
2.0 Strategic Human Resource Management at Home Depot 5 2.1 Workforce Diversity Management at Home Depot 5 2.2 Disadvantages of Workforce Diversity 7
3.0 Strategy to Counter Diversity Issue at Home Depot 7 3.1 Employee Relations 8
4.0 Implementing Employee Relations at Home Depot 8 4.1 Team-working 9 4.2 Functional flexibility 10 4.3 Employee Involvement 10 4.4 Reward Mechanisms 10
5.0 Recommendations 11
6.0 Conclusion 11
7.0 List of references 12

Executive Summary

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Going by the success and good market reception from the public, the company invested further within the same line by establishing two more stores in 1979. At the time of its establishment, the company was headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. However, the headquarters were moved to Cobb County in Georgia. Since its inception, the company has been led by several CEOs who have guided that company to various phases of growth. After the retirement of Marcus and Blank in 2000, Nardel was appointed as the new chief executive officer. During his term that lasted up to 2007, the company registered mixed growth and development. Activities of the company were centralized, and the company went through various phases of efficiency in operations. Nardel introduced cost cutting mechanisms that involved cutting on the number of jobs. Although earnings doubled as a result of reduced expenses, employees, and in extension the customers, were alienated (Roush 2010, p. 1-5). From 2007 to date, Frank Blake took over the management of the company. His era has seen tremendous expansion and diversification in the range of products. By the end of 2012, Home Depot had revenue of $70.395 billion. At the same time, the company had a net income of $3.883billion with an operating income of $6.661 billion. The company has a diverse workforce in its 2,248 locations. The stores are in the United States, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The company retails in

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