Strategic Human Resource Management

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The concept of strategic human resources management tends to focus on organization wide human resource concerns and addresses issues that are related to the firms business both short-term and long term. Strategic human resource management derive from human resource management, which the influence of strategic human resource management will be addressed. Human resource departments need to transform human resources to strategic human resource as to ensure the effectiveness of the objectives of the organisation are achieved. More and more authors are still reshaping and redefining the broadly accepted definition of strategic human resource management however according to Caliskan (2010:102) mentions that many authors stand firm that strategic human resource management is concerned with the role of human resource management systems play in firm performance. In addition to that it highlights the importance of people management, as to improve the organisations performance and gain competitive advantage. In order to address the question of, what influence does the strategic human resource management play in the performance of an organisation. First issue of why is it important for organisations to have an effective and…show more content…
Human resource strategy basically is the intentions of an organisations about how should it manage its human resources, this is of importance to the management as it will give directions on what kind of skills are required in the organisation. This is evident as Hax (2011:76) mentions that human resource strategy is a critical component of the firm’s corporate and business strategies comprising a set of well-coordinated objectives and action
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