Strategic Human Resource Management

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"Human Resource Management will be regarded as valuable business partner and important organisational resource when the Business Units are satisfied with the results achieved through Human Performance and Process Improvement." This is how human resource management has been described by an unknown source and quoted in many books and journals on the same subject.

Human Resource Management, unlike Personnel Management, is linked to and plays a vital role in the organisations strategic planning and execution in order to make a decisive impact on the organisation 's overall performance. Human Resource Management is concerned with philosophies, practices, and policies influencing the management of people in organisation so as to attain
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30, No.2, June 1985

What has ultimately come out of our discussion is a contrasting view to some classical explanations that all strategies are planned. According to Mintzberg successful strategies can emerge from within an organisation without prior planning and may be as a result of any unforeseen circumstances. Strategies can take root in all kinds of places where people have the capacity to learn and the resources to support that capacity. The strategies of most companies are a combination of the intended and the emergent. What it means for the management is that it needs to recognise this process of emergence and to intervene when required, to ward of bad emergent strategies and encourage good ones. And to make this judgement management needs to wear the strategic thinking hat.

After having a fair idea of what a strategy means to an organisation, we can move on to the next question as to what exactly is a business strategy. To understand the business strategy of an organisation we need to understand the terms such as mission and vision of an organisation. Mission statement is a description or declaration as to why a company is in operation. It describes the very propose of the existence of any enterprise. It also provides the framework or context within which strategies are formulated within the organisation. The mission statement
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