Strategic Human Resource Management Practices: JC Casino Case Study

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The casino industry is predicated on high quality customer service coupled with a variety of interesting activities. JC Casino, in regards to its human resource practices suffers substantially from low quality service and availability. Both of these metrics of success are critical to the overall performance of JC Casino. As such, my recommendations for improvement will center primarily on availability of competent personnel supplemented by a better work environment to increase retention. Most of JC Casino's personnel are leaving to competitors which present two distinct problems for the underlying business operations of the firm. First, personnel often possess key information regarding the future business operations of JC Casino. This information can ultimately be used to the advantage of competing firms. Furthermore, the costs to subsequently hiring willing personnel who fit the culture of JC Casino will be very difficult. As such, the solutions posed throughout this document will center on retention of talented and competent individuals who provide value to the firm. To begin, human resources play an integral role in any organization. The allocation of human capital is critical to the overall success of the organization. Depending on the particular industry, talent and its subsequent retention is directly correlated to the overall profitability of the firm. In many instances, as is the case in our current economic cycle, improper human resource activity can have a

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