Strategic Human Resource Management ( Shrm ) Essay

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Literature Review
Research indicates that strategic human resource management (SHRM) in nonprofit organizations has become increasingly more necessary. Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are facing increasing demands to become more efficient and more effective (Ridder, H., Piening, E.P, & Baluch, A. M., 2011) in order to keep up with the ever-changing environments of non-profits due to political, environmental and/or social changes. NPOs are different than regular for-profit businesses as they have limited resources and more stakeholders. In order to remain competitive NPOs are re-evaluating their current management systems and are being heavily encouraged to consider the option of results-based management or strategic management. “Results-based management is a goal-driven, proactive management approach that emphasizes results rather than procedures” (Swiss, 2016 p.11). Human Resources Management (HRM) plays a significant role in the planning and providing proper management techniques for an organization, therefore it is recognized by research to be the area where involvement is crucial to the organizational culture and performance of the NPO. Human Resources (HR) has a direct line to the heart of the organization; the people. In order for there to be an increase in organizational performance and company-wide adherence there needs to be transparency, an overall understanding of the strategy, processes/procedures and new objectives/goals. An established HR already has the
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