Strategic Human Resource Management and Shrm Model

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Executive Summary
This report focuses on the primary issues and secondary issues of Banksia Health Service (BHS). BHS consist of about 500 employees and operates without a human resource department. This led to many issues that surfaced and causing BHS to be deemed as a poor performer by the state health department.
Firstly, the report looks into what is strategic human resource management and uses the Harvard Analytical Framework for HRM to analyze the various issues in BHS. Primary issues such as the CEO management styles, a lack of human resource department, and mandatory compliance to the government policies were present within BHS. There were also secondary issues such as communication problems, lack of trust in the HR policies,
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Firstly, there is no Human Resource (HR) department in the organization. With employment strength of 500 people, it is pertinent to have a HR department to run the day-to-day human resource processes. On the long run, without a HR Department there will be undesirable consequences like low employee morale leading to decrease in productivity which inevitably result in a fall in business performance (Griffin 2012).
No HR department were formed even after the organization restructuring, this proofed to be a mistake which many managers and staff thought it was important to establish a HR department. Secondly, funding acquired by the
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