Strategic Human Resource Management for a Better Business Plan

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Executive Summary The report uses strategic human resource management approaches to carry out an assessment of the needs of RACQ following a need for better business strategies. This is because; human resource activities that are strategic are coordinated with business strategies (Chew & Intan-Soraya, 2010). The strategy identified that RACQ's new business strategies required the management to improve its commercial approach and interpersonal skills. Human resource management requires the identification of the resources and skills required to achieve these objectives. The strategy identified that to achieve RACQ's commercial approach knowledge management skills were required. This called for knowledge management approaches like training and development to realize organizational learning, build RACQ's intellectual capital, and realize organizational innovation. This then led to the use of intellectual capital development strategies to realize innovation in RACQ to maintain a competitive advantage. The strategy requires the use of HRD activities like training and development of management and staff. The design of training and development is to increase the skill and knowledge of the employees through workshops and conference resources. This also entailed the maintenance of intellectual capital, by capturing, processing and storage of experience, knowledge and skills of experts. Knowledge useful to RACQ like processes, procedures and rules, technical knowledge,
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