Strategic Human Resources Management at FedEx

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Strategic Human Resources Management at FedEx Final Assignment Frances Brown BUS 692: Strategies in Human Resource Management Dr. Jillian Yarbrough Contents Executive Summary 4 Company History and Overview 4 TQM and Service Management 6 Job Pricing and Compensation Package 8 Technological Considerations 10 HMR Recommendations 11 Conclusion 13 Works Cited 14 Executive Summary FedEx has had a long history of providing the most reliable service in their industry. As a result of their success in their service orientation, FedEx has taken the industry lead. This also leaves little room for drastic increases in market share in the domestic market. Consequentially, FedEx must look internationally to expand its future growth. It currently operates in over two hundred countries and must continue expanding its market share in these locations. Standardization of strategic HRM policies could help the organization to streamline processes and create a competitive advantage. However, there are a plethora of challenges that organizations face when trying to standardize international processes. This research considers the FedEx company history and some of its domestic HRM policies that are in place. It was found that if FedEx can build a culture of learning and learning organizations abroad, it will stand to have a higher success rate in standardizing processes internationally. Company History and Overview FedEx has the largest share of overnight

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