Strategic Implementation in Toyota

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Strategic Implementation in Toyota Module 5-Case Study [Pick the date] Student's Name Toyota has grown by leaps and bounds in past three decades and its growth in past seven years has been phenomenal. However, considering the recalls made by Toyota since 2005, global market is alarmed by the quality Toyota is producing. The entrepreneurs once known for their quality are now being questioned by customers as well as media. We do know that main strength of Toyota was in producing differentiated products addressing customers needs at affordable however recent news about it has made us believe that now Toyota is only focused on making profits and has forgotten its "Customer First: principle. In 2011, the blame game between family owners and non-family executives was aired which revealed that now Toyota is segregated into two wings. In 1996, the then chairman of Toyota Mr. Wantanabe announced their "vision 2005". The plan was to grow at exponential rate, increasing sales, decreasing exports and building localized manufacturing facilities. The target was achieved and celebrated at a greater scale. However, this plan made Toyota made drastic changes in their designs and technology used so that the production cost was reduced to half. This plan later on evolved into "Vision 2010". Its aim was to secure 15% of global market. During these 15 years, the group showed highest profits and not to forget highest number of recalls as well. The trouble started when these recalls
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