Strategic Information System Management Case Study

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Strategic Information System Management

In the recent time there have been numerous of business groups and organizations that come up only to be in operation for a short period of time and there after they break apart. Typical example is of such groups is Bizcafe business group. They are always composed of few members and they aim at achieving short time goals. In most cases, they are dissolved once their objectives are immediately met. Although Bizcafe, a typical small business group is a temporal make fit of business, it can operate successfully through application of good management strategy. Furthermore, skillful planning, business operations, marketing, good customer relation, staff motivation and
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It is still valuable for the day to day business operations. Moreover, it will assume that Bizcafe resources are not completely rare will neither be completely non-imitable because there is a restricted number of decisions and options to distance Bizcafe from the competitors. It may be likely that another competitor chooses the same decisions. Lastly, there are no substitutions in College town or from our competitors. Bizcafe competitors may not necessarily deal on the same products as the ones Bizcafe will be handling.
The composition of Bizcafe business group will consist of the management team who will be entitled to a given basic salary in relation to the technical work they will be performing, Kimball, R., Ross, M., Becker, B., Mundy, J., Thornthwaite, W., & Kimball Group, (2016). In addition, it consists of the attendants or junior staffs who will be paid on weekly basis. The remunerations will be based on the pre study of the local averages and the expectations on how the Bizcafe will be operating regardless of the competition from the other businesses offering similar services within the locality where Bizcafe is situated. In association to the strategy of differentiation, the Bizcafe group will strive to hire a better staff than its local competitors. According to Kimball, R., Ross, M., (2016), hiring better staff will require paying them higher wages in comparison to the other groups providing similar services within the locality where
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