Strategic Information System Planning : Strategic Alignment For Management Managers

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STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEM PLANNING INTRODUCTION: It has been proved that many organizations have made many technology decisions on the impact of organizational information systems on the basis of vendors from other organizations. The results was unexpected by making an expenditure for funds from the organizations. This has been increased the importance of strategic information systems planning. Most of the organizations insist that technology and information systems related decisions with better understanding of business and organization strategy. The situation in which a company business strategy is enabled to support technology for organizations between priorities and activities of information system in…show more content…
• IS strategy is affected by the other strategies firm uses changes in IS strategy must be accompanied by changes in other two. • IS Strategy has consequences on the business and organizational strategies. This structured approach to planning for information systems with increased emphasis on cheif information officer. Strategic information systems and technology planning reflects a convergence as a means to accomplish objectives already identified. THE PLANNING PROCESS: There are no shortcuts for strategic planning process. They ensure that business, organizational and information strategies are aligned. Internal and external assessment needs to be addressed for information technology systems within the organizations. This is the part of planning process for technology. Strategy states the direction we want to go and how we intend to get a plan depicts f guides decision for developing a strategic plan in order to provide a context for decision making. The planning process is complex in a single best approach, arriving at a single best methodology for a specific organization is nearly impossible for combination approaches. The planning process can be lengthy and rigorous or deal. They are: 1. Strategic Business Planning- Prerequisite to systems planning consists of mission, future direction, targets and strategy. 2. Information systems Assessment- Evaluation of current
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