Strategic Information Systems

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&citemExplain the use of Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) and Executive Support Systems (ESS) in an organisation of your choice. Also explain the role of IS led change in successful adoption of such systems. Please provide examples and illustration where required. The science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. (Edward Teller, American Physicist and Author) The 21st century has witnessed an age for Organisations to follow the flow of the technological pragmatic shift from manual to automation of their business processes, procedures and activities. As a result, organisations are being driven towards the technological frontier in the opportunity to acquire more new customers and attain a competitive advantage over their…show more content…
ESS are defined as learning support software tools that provides direct on-line access to relevant summarised information in a useful and navigable format for the organisation as a whole (Kelly 1994 & Tech 2008). The primary purpose of ESS at Sony is to support managerial learning about business activities, its work processes, and its interaction with the external environment in the form of a user friendly graphical interface. Informed managers can then ask better questions and make better decisions. ESS are the most powerful managerial systems developed at Sony from the rest of their systems and are hard to maintain (Fig.5). ESS are easy to use usually touchpad and mouse driven but complex to develop (Tech 2008). They are a benefit to Sony, especially tailoring to executives information needs with relevant information, providing them with access to a broad range of internal and external data including yearly aggregate and timely comparison reports which aid in exploring the root causes of failures and problems at Sony. But still there are issues of organizational behaviour and culture, perhaps the most deadly barriers to effective Executive Information Systems. Because EIS is typically positioned at the top management level of Sony, it can lead to drastic changes in organizational direction. This in
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