Strategic Initiatives, And Whole Foods Market

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FRLD, Specific Strategic Initiatives, and Whole Foods Market Full Range Leadership Development (FRLD) is the highest version of developmental leadership there is that integrates the full range actions of the most effective leadership behaviors. Transformational Leadership is a component of FRLD that considers to be the most effective and applicable because its’ features offer leaders the ability to inspire, empower, and encourage followers, while supporting progressive changes in teams and groups. Kendra Cherry, Psychology Expert, asserts that “Transformational leaders tend to be emotionally intelligent, energetic, and passionate. They are not only committed to helping the organization achieve its goals, but also to helping group members…show more content…
The company’s mixture of collective knowledge and core capabilities in the natural food industry has allowed Whole Foods the competency to not only establish a solid brand recognition in this market, but has afforded them the opportunity to remain competitive in the grocery industry. Their effective organizational development, integrated with the team of five senior executives, who function as a CEO team, collaboratively make decisions in all facets of the company’s strategic initiatives. This strong leadership style has flowed through the company’s’ existence from the moment of its business inception, and is the foundation of how departments throughout all Whole Foods chains are run as well. For example, “The team’s decision-making process at Whole Foods Markets is quite intense, somewhat like a military operation…Even if they have a formally designated team leader, leadership on the team is shared with everyone. This is how Whole Foods Markets enables its employees to become profit-conscious and highly empowered self-managing team members” (Sosik & Jung, 2010, p. 294). This successful team approach culture is one of the core competencies that has influenced the effective and positive actions of leadership and the employee’s behaviors when accomplishing strategic initiatives, and has played

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