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Strategic Innovation: Back Bay Battery In this online simulation, students play the role of a business unit manager at Back Bay Battery Company who must balance a portfolio of R&D investment strategies (over 8 simulated years) across products in the portable power market. Other Online Simulations Other Online Simulations from Business Publishing fromHarvard Harvard Business Publishing Back Bay Battery Strategic Innovation Simulation Supply Chain: Root Beer Game This version of the classic Beer Game is enhanced by powerful administrative features: instructors can run any number of configurations simultaneously in the same class; results are tracked in real time on the administrator screens and are immediately available in debriefready…show more content…
NiMH: $6.4 M NiMH: 31% Ultracapacitor: 2.5 M Ultracapacitor: $51.0 M Ultracapacitor: $24.6 M Ultracapacitor: 11% Initial Market Size Learning Curve Coefficient Power Tools: 3% Power Tools: 90.0 NiMH: 95% Two-Way Radios: -1% Two-Way Radios: 30.0 Ultracapacitor: 95% Power Packs: 1% Power Packs: 26.0 Set Scenario Cancel 2015 2016 Students face the management challenge of balancing investments between the core business and a potentially disruptive new technology. A comprehensive Teaching Note covers key learning objectives to highlight in the post-play discussion: n The nature and impact of disruptive technologies n Management challenges of simultaneously investing in core business and innovation nO  ptimizing the timing and level of investment in innovation nT  he difficulty of innovation under constraining financial criteria and an organization’s impatience for growth log out high scores archived runs © 2008 Harvard Business Publishing. All rights reserved. Developed in partnership with Forio Business Simulations. Authored by: Clayton M. Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School Willy Shih, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

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