Strategic Intelligence : Strategic And Tactical Intelligence

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Abstract: In this real world, protecting the information of an organization that is present in a software and hardware or data present on them is important. Here comes the point of Threat Intelligence, where it recognises the disruption or misleading of the service provide by these data present on the software and hardware in the form of accessing through network, code injection, data injection, hacking of the sites, controlling through physical access or by any means of taking control over the data. Simply, Threat intelligence is the set of data collected, assessed and applied regarding security threats, threat actors, exploits, vulnerabilities and compromise indicators. It is usually presented in either the form of strategic or tactical intelligence. Strategic intelligence involves broader and higher-level abstracts of data to identify threats and how the organization needs to react where Tactical intelligence involves collecting the network information, analyzing it, identifying the threats and responding. By using of this it makes cost effective to organization by reducing security incidents, which increases responsive time by finding solution in a least possible time. It also shows the security incidents, attacks and events. It provides decision support to the organization and possibly a strategic advantage. Threat intelligence also involves series of steps which make the data to be gone through several phases starting with collection, then planning, process, produce
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