Strategic Issues Paper

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RUNNING HEADER: Strategic Issues Paper

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MBA 580
Dr. Reid Conner

This paper will identify the strategies of three companies that have demonstrated strategic processes that are similar to Wal-Mart. The topics address in this paper will consist of the issues of different strategies utilized by those companies will be addressed, and the outcomes. Based on the various strategies the paper will explain how Wal-Mart could implement them to address the issues identified.
General Electric-Supply Chain Management
General Electric (GE) is headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company is widely spread over 100 countries and has a workforce of more than 300,000 employees worldwide. GE has a diversified technology
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It was this strategy of having the lowest prices in town that has set Wal-Mart apart from all competitors. The company has stuck to the vision of Sam Walton by offering the lowest prices to the consumers in the retail industry.
Best Buy-Joint Venture
Many businesses and organizations may decide to form a joint venture. A joint venture involves establishing a third company (child), operated for the benefit of the co-owners (parents) (Pearce & Robinson, 2004). There have been many successful joint ventures among many businesses. Best Buy announced that they would be strategically forming a joint venture with Britain’s cellphone retailer, Carphone warehouse. The CEO of Best Buy stated that the joint venture between the two companies would be a financial gain for the company in the European market. This merger between the two companies are said to be a major factor that will differentiate the company from the competition (Washington Post, 2008).
Wal-Mart decided to form a joint venture with Bharti Enterprises, a joint venture for wholesale cash-and-carry and back-end supply chain management operations in India, in line with Government of India guidelines. This venture promises to bring great value to millions of farmers, artisans, small manufacturers and retailers across India. We are pleased to be a partner in developing this sector which is set to become a significant engine of India’s

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