Strategic Leadership And Management Strategies

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Within recent business world , strategic leadership and management has become highly influential factors by which the organisations are reaching their goals more easily and thereby competiveness is increasing between companies and businesses. As a result , it is become essential for organisations, to adopt the right leadership and management strategies. This study will thereby will focus on the following issues asked in the following questions, and thereby will advance on the next sections and for ease of discussion this study has been headed from task 1 to task 6. Also , while discussing various strategic leadership issues , focus will be given on Marks and Spencer PLC, one of the retail giant in the UK. Task-1: registered with the 1.1 Evaluation of relationship between strategic leadership and management

When describing, it can be said that a leader is the person having the capacity by which he/she can create translate along with a vision in order to take action also for ensuring the sustaining of the business (Bennis, 1989). Also, according to Kotter (1990), to it can stated that the justification of the above statement can also be done considering the differences between management and leadership, Even though both the roles can be combined together within same individual (John Kotter, 1990).

When searching for specific relationship between management and leadership , according to Ronald A. Heifetz, “In business, it can be seen an evolution of the
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