Strategic Leadership And Management Strategies

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Within recent business world , strategic leadership and management has become highly influential factors by which the organisations are reaching their goals more easily and thereby competiveness is increasing between companies and businesses. As a result , it is become essential for organisations, to adopt the right leadership and management strategies. This study will thereby will focus on the following issues asked in the following questions, and thereby will advance on the next sections and for ease of discussion this study has been headed from task 1 to task 6. Also , while discussing various strategic leadership issues , focus will be given on Marks and Spencer PLC, one of the retail giant in the UK.

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The leader leads and the boss drive.
This report explains the relationship between managers and leaders that they perform on their position within the organisation, they work together to achieve the goals of organization.
Leaders think about goals and are active instead of reactive in shaping ideas. Managers act to limit choices.
Leaders develop fresh approaches to long-standing problems and open issues to new options. A manager is a problem solver- “what problems have to be solved and what are the best ways to achieve results?”

1.2 Link between leaders and management has strong impact in organization.

While evaluating the relationship of strategic management and leadership correlating with functions of strategic management for an example analysing strategic objectives along with the aims by which organisations can improve their organisational performance, by which creation , communication along with implementation of changes, also development which leads to high performances of teams can be achieved . Also, from strategic decision making’s point of view ; leadership definition relates with the Mintzberg’s 10 Managerial Roles; direct versus indirect leadership; followership. It is also an issue that link between strategic management and leadership depends on the skills of the leader to achieve the strategic objectives . Management and leadership styles such as bureaucratic, autocratic , laissez-faire, charismatic
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