Strategic Leadership And Organisational Strategic Direction

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Introduction Adopting the right strategy is fundamental to the success of a business. Strategic decisions determine what products a firm will offer, which markets it will compete in and how it will compete. These decisions usually involve heavy investment and high levels of new markets, taking over competitors or redefining the business purpose are all strategic decisions. Companies have to modify their strategies in response to changes in the market or competitors ' actions. To operate and manage all those strategy organisation need appropriate strategic leadership. This report will focus on the links between strategic management, leadership and organisational strategic direction of Dyson. The reader of this report will have a clear idea…show more content…
(Look at Wal-Mart, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Apple and Intel) Strategy is about making the decision to stand for something that differentiates you from the competition, “deliberately choosing to be different” AND making decisions, trade-offs and choices that supports this organizations choice. “A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique.” This reinforces the aspect that a business cannot be all things to all people. “Sound strategy starts with the right goal” and it must have “continuity”. Enter Leadership – The CEO, the Chief Strategist. He must know what his company stands for and he must communicate this to every person. Successful Leaders own the fact that they must make the tough decisions and define the trade-offs the organization is bombarded with on a daily basis. Leaders in an organization “need to provide the discipline and the glue that keeps such a unique position sustained over time. The guardian of trade-offs”. Then they must constantly evangelize the chosen position. This will result with a workforce that is inspired, empowered and productive because everyone will be able to make decisions in
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