Strategic Leadership Plans of Organizations

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1. The Blake-Mouton leadership grid uses the axes of concern of people and concern for production to describe five different leadership styles auditory-compliance, middle of the road, impoverished, team management and country club. The National Council on Aging can be described by the Blake-Mouton model as team management. The organization's vision makes clear that t is a people-oriented organization. Trust and respect are important, and work is done by people who share in the common vision and are willing to work hard towards it. 2. Hersey and Blanchard argue that the maturity of followers is task specific. They focus their model on two types of maturity job maturity and psychological maturity. The works at the NCOA tend to be experienced people with many years on the job, and also having worked in other organizations for long tenures as well. This gives them a high level of job maturity and psychological maturity as well. In an organization that is characterized by high maturity of followers and a high relationship orientation, the management style is usually supporting, which is a fairly accurate description of the NCOA. New workers tend to receive more coaching, but the experienced workers seldom require more than support for their tasks. 3. The American Association for Retired People fits into the Blake-Mouton leadership grid is middle of the road management. There is equal emphasis on production as people at AARP. Part of this is due to the organization's size and
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