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Executive summary Air travel is one of the largest growing industries in the world. Activities such as world trade, economic growth, international investment, tourism and cargo services are central to the globalisation that is taking place in other industries. Air travel for business and leisure purpose has been experiencing a significant growth worldwide. Air New Zealand was founded in 1940 based in Auckland, New Zealand with a starting fleet of two flying boats. They have since grown to a fleet of 99 aircrafts serving domestic, regional and internationally across the globe to 52 destinations. In recent years, Air New Zealand has been recording profits and increase in the number of passengers carried per year. Air New Zealand is a…show more content…
These achievements indicate the importance to analyse and understand the success behind Air New Zealand’s strategic actions and discuss what improvements Air New Zealand should make to gain a larger market share in the industry. 1.3 Scope The scope of this report involves carrying out an investigation and study of the strategic development of Air New Zealand. Analysis of the external and internal environment will be carried out in order to provide relevant information pertaining to the organisation’s level of success. Further identification and analysis of the international dimensions of the nonmarket, corporate, business and competitive strategies of Air New Zealand will be carried out in assessing the performances of strategies and factors pertaining to their level of success. Various recommendations that are important to the short, medium and long-term success of the airline will also be discussed. This report also discusses the business strategy used and the factors that contributed to the organisation’s success or failure. 1.4 Limitations and Assumptions In preparation of this report, the core focus would be placed on the generic discussion on Air New Zealand short and long-haul operations. This report assumes that all information collected reflects the current market position of Air New Zealand and

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