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2015/3/19 Print Preview Chapter 1: The Cherry Lady Chapter Contents Book Title: Strategic Management An Integrated Approach Printed By: ALICIA LI ( © 2015, 2013 Cengage Learning, Cengage Learning Cae 1 The Cherr Lad Chapter Introduction 1-1 The Chocolate Industry 1-1a Market Size 1-1b Inputs and Traits of Chocolate Products 1-1c Competition 1-1d Demand 1-1e The Premium Chocolate Segment 1-2 Alicia’s Background 1-2a The Origin of Tart Cherry Caramels 1-3 The Cherry Lady 1-3a Product Line 1-3b Markets 1-3c Production 1-3d TCL’s Financial Resourcesand Performance 1-4 Growth Opportunities Chapter 1: The Cherry Lady Chapter Introduction Book Title: Strategic Management An Integrated Approach Printed By: ALICIA LI…show more content…
As a food product, chocolate provides most of the substances required for human nutrition, with roasted beans containing approximately 15 to proteins, 20 to carbohydrates, and fat, as well as a variety of minerals. Fat is a key factor in achieving high quality taste in most confectionery goods, and fat generally constitutes the highest component of ingredient cost, particularly for the premium quality chocolate segment. This high fat content is derived from cocoa butter, which is also responsible for many of chocolate’s distinctive characteristics, including its brittle, non-greasy texture at or below room temperatures; excellent keeping qualities, which reduces the risk of spoilage; and rapid melting at close to 2/24 2015/3/19 Print Preview body temperature. Many of the ingredients for chocolate confections, such as sugar, are commodities. There are important quality differences, however, among other ingredients, such as chocolate, special flavorings, nuts, and fruits. The quality of chocolate varies and is largely determined by the quality of cacao beans used. In the chocolate-making process, raw beans are selected; roasted; shelled; ground; and made into a thick, plastic-like chocolate liquor that solidifies as it cools, forming unsweetened (bitter) chocolate.
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