Strategic Management And Business Policy

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According to "Strategic Management and Business Policy" by Thomas Wheelen and David Hunger the TOWS Matrix illustrates how the external opportunities and threats facing a particular corporation can be matched with that company 's internal strengths and weaknesses to result in four sets of possible strategic alternatives. Shown below is Apple 's TWOS Matrix.

Internal Factors (IFAS)

External Factors (EFAS) Strengths (S)

S1. Strong brand image and reputation.

S2. Strong financial position

S3. Great retail strategy

S4. Customer Loyalty

S5. Develops own software and hardware.

S6. Strong research and development department. Weaknesses (W)

W1. Changes in top management

W2. Protective Strategy (The company is playing it safe)

W3. Considered costlier than competitors

W4. Apple still has a smaller market share compared to competitors.

W5. Apple products are not compatible with any other operating system.
Opportunities (O)

O1. Population growth

O2. Technology is always advancing.

O3. Environmental change

O4. Uncovered Markets

O5. Customer Loyalty

O6. Corporate Social Responsibility SO Strategies

1. Maintain loyal customers by focusing on customer service and improving the customer experience.

2. Use their current retail strategy to develop retail stores in developing countries.

3. Continue their "green product" innovation.

4. Use their strong financial position to participate in CR to build on their reputation. WO
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