Strategic Management And Strategic Competitiveness

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness The paper that I’m writing will help you to gain information on how Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness play hand and hand when dealing with a business. The business that I have choose to write about is Nike. I have always wanted to know the practices that Nike used in order to make their business last this long and how have they been so successful. I will explain to you how globalization and technology changes have helped or hurt the company and the major role that it has played. I also plan to construct a plan to see how my corporation could earn above-average returns and increase their gaining potential. I will explain Nike’s vision and mission statement and show how…show more content…
All companies must be competitive and compete with other businesses to sell their goods and services in the marketplace. Competitiveness is an important factor and sometimes the driving force in determining whether a company barely gets by, prospers, or fails. If your business fails that could be because you didn’t have a good strategic management plan place or also for one of the following reasons; the neglecting operations strategy, putting too much emphasis on short-term financial performance at the expense of research and development or failing to take advantage of strengths and opportunities are some of the strong reason for a business not succeeding. Effects of globalization and technology the Nike Corporation Globalization and technology have impacted the Nike Corp. because the time right now is the best opportunity to increase profits and revenue, because never in the history business opportunities has there been such an opportunity to sell as many goods to as many people worldwide as there is right now in this day and age. That’s what Globalization and technology has done for the Nike Corporation. It has allowed for Nike to reach people that have never been reached before and this is due to, a removal or reduction on financial restrictions, the explosion of the technology revolution and the combination of reduced trade
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