Strategic Management And Strategic Competitiveness

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness
The paper that I’m writing will help you to gain information on how Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness play hand and hand when dealing with a business. The business that I have choose to write about is Nike. I have always wanted to know the practices that Nike used in order to make their business last this long and how have they been so successful. I will explain to you how globalization and technology changes have helped or hurt the company and the major role that it has played. I also plan to construct a plan to see how my corporation could earn above-average returns and increase their gaining potential. I will explain Nike’s vision and mission statement and show how this had allowed them to continue to be one of the most outstanding business in this day and age. In turn I plan to show how each individual or stakeholder plays an important role in the success of the corporation.
Strategic Management and Competitiveness, are two separate but related topics that play a vital part of business organizations worldwide. Competitiveness relates to the effectiveness of an organization in the marketplace to other organizations in the marketplace that offer similar service that may offer. Operations and marketing have always played and had a major impact on competitiveness. Strategy or management relates to the plans that determine how an organization pursues its goals and how it is managed in the long term.…
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