Strategic Management And The Corporate Entrepreneurship Model Essay

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Strategic management appeared as a comprehensible research filed in the 196os. Different works including the strategy and structure (Chandler, 1962), corporate strategy (Ansoff, 1965) contributed towards the fundamentals of this disciple. A lot of emphasis has also been on how companies can reach their targets, mainly with regard to profitability and competitive advantages.
As strategic management literature keeps on increasing focusing on competitive advantage and resource-based perspective of the company, developing streams of thought developed to center on how new entries are embarked on other than new business entry. Different theoretical approaches, like IO (industrial organization), LO (knowledge-based and learning organization) and RBV (resource-based view) are used in strategic management studies. All these strategies independently have suppositions on the nature of strategic management and the corporate entrepreneurship model. In theory, entrepreneurship and business management apiece are studies as different disciplines. The 1980s saw the first attempts at comprehending entrepreneurship and strategy in mono context of organizational competitive edge (Hoskisson et. al. 1999).
This is one of the first frameworks established in studies on business management. This model lays emphasis on organizational responses to the industry’s external environmental features wherein a company pursues a

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