Strategic Management-Evaluation of Three Methods

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Strategic management: an evaluation of the use of three learning methods
Department of Strategic Management and Marketing, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
Keywords Learning, Strategic management, Simulation, Action learning, Consultancy Abstract The article examines the use of three learning methods in the teaching of strategic management; the case method, simulation and action learning, in the form of a consultancy project. A survey of course members ' perceptions of learning
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The term ``case method ' ' has come to refer to a wide range of teaching styles and objectives that can be adopted within the use of case studies for teaching (Dooley and Skinner, 1977). It has been proposed that the case method can be used to: . gain illustration of particular points, issues or managerial principles; . provide managers with a neutral situation in which they are free to explore problems (because they are not their own); . relate theory to practice; . confront the complexities of specific situations; . develop analysis and synthesis; . develop self-analysis, attitudes, confidence, responsibility; . develop interpersonal skills, communication and listening; and . develop judgement and wisdom and enliven teaching. The method may gain the student 's intellectual and emotional involvement and assist the long-term retention of understanding and bring realism into instructional settings (Romm and Mahler, 1991; Osigweh, 1989; Smith, 1987; Christensen and Hansen, 1987; Dooley and Skinner, 1977). The case method is not without its limitations. Cases may be limited in the extent to which they present the realities of an organization. Yin (1989) comments that a case need not reflect a complete or accurate rendition of actual events; its purpose is to establish a framework for discussion among students. Similarly Towl (1969) describing case writing at Harvard Business School

emphasises the need for a
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