Strategic Management

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Planning and Management Strategy Formulation Strategy can be defined as a guide through whom organizations progress from the current state of affairs to a future desired state. Strategy is most importantly an effective tool used to forecast the future of a good organization rooted in long range plans. It makes a strong argument for an organization to effectively position itself within its constrain and environments, thereby maximizing its potential for flowing with the environmental changes. This makes it possible to adjust accordingly as circumstances in the environment change. Swayne, Duncan and Ginter (2008) simply affirm that it is a road map that defines an organization’s direction and how to get where it is intended…show more content…
Therefore, commitment from the administration going down and support from the top brass going down will ensure strategic planning initiatives move in the right direction and all workers in the organization will buy easily into the strategy. Every member in the organization is as important as the top level administration and therefore must be respected as such. Strategic planning teams should ensure that all groups are represented, for example all levels of management and direct care employees, in the case of a hospital, should be well represented not by their managers but their peers. In brief, the team should be well represented in such a way that no single group will raise qualms about the strategic plan because they were left out of the loop. Those representing the team should be members who would put the interests and concerns, of the organization first before theirs. The team should be well balanced and consider the gender balance as equally important as different group balance , this way the groups dynamics will be able to function to the maximum and all views represented. Strategic planning is a like complete puzzle with sequential pieces that need to be pieced together methodically. Each piece of the puzzle representing a process must be arranged in the order planned since each of them builds upon the other and so on until the end. However, the process only has an exception with the environmental scanning and
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