Strategic Management

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Executive Summary

This report demonstrates the evaluation of current performance of JD Sports Company. Method of Analysis includes Ansoff’s matrix and Porter’s generic growth strategies to discuss the nature of the market which JD Sports invest in. The financial methods are including the flexibility and stability of JD sports which judged by the liquidity, current ratio, operation capital, gearing and profit margin of this company. These figures could be collected from the annual report or balance sheet. This report analyzed the JD sport’s position in the market, and used generic and external growth method to expand market size. Such as acquired a lot stores to improve business profitability. Obviously, JD has expanded to the European
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In addition, companies speculate strategies in order to respond to the main competitive forces in any industry by different organizational strategies.

The threat of new entrants is high in the fast segment. There is a threat of new entrants is because the entry barriers are very low. The business barriers to entry the market could take those forms: first one is the capital costs, the higher the investment required, the less the threat from new entrants. Secondly, regulation and legal constraints are the main concerned points. In most industries, regulations related to health and safety, products handling, and licenses to operate, export, or install new facilities. And other forms of barriers could be brand loyalty which could be an important factor in increasing the costs for customers of switching products. The new entrants need to change the valuable brand suppliers with its efficient economies of scale to have a reasonable supply chain network or corporate with the low cost producers to supply the products in the market. Also it might gain a large market share in the market as well. For instance, Sports Direct Company reported retail sales were £371m while gross profit increased 9.6 percent to £149m, it
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