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Table of Contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 An overview of Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company (ZISCo) and Gulf Craft Centre Maldives 1 1.2 Rationale 1 Strategic management defined and its process 2 1.3 7S model 2 1.4 Triple loop learning 3 2 Process of strategic management followed at Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company (ZISCo) 3 2.1 Strategic factors 3 2.2 Strategic Capabilities 4 2.3 Organisational performance 5 2.4 Inconsistency 6 2.4.1 External inconsistency 6 2.4.2 Internal inconsistency 6 2.5 Gap in strategy formulation 7 2.6 Strategic options available for ZISCo 7 2.7 Implementation of gap in ZISCo 8 2.8 Paradigm of an operation 8 2.9 The change in the paradigm (new recipe) 8 2.10…show more content…
It looks at the seven key elements that make the organizations successful, or not: strategy; structure; systems; style; skills; staff; and shared values (Tomas & Robert). The 7-S diagram (Appendix 3) illustrates the multiplicity interconnectedness of elements that define an organization's ability to change. The theory helped to change manager's thinking about how companies could be improved. It says that it is not just a matter of devising a new strategy and following it through. Nor is it a matter of setting up new systems and letting them generate improvements. At ZISCO the strategy has been changed into more value based strategy to make organization change for the future. New president change the formal way into more informal system to facilitate communication and coordination between departments. Still ZISCO is trying to change the share values and the culture of the organisation to make the company more efficient. 5 Triple loop learning This is a new way of learning where organisation looks into the environment in a broader perspective. Firstly a recipe is developed. Then strategy is formulated and implemented. If the performance was unsatisfactory, organisation tries to perform better by tightening control. That is called single loop learning. Still if the corporate performance is poor organisations tries to re-construct or develop new strategy based on the same

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