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Title: Strategic Planning "Competing in Changing Markets" Assignment topic Develop a vision statement, a mission statement and a statement of values, and explain their appropriateness. Undertake an internal analysis of the organisation and an analysis of its external environment, using several appropriate tools like an industry five forces analysis. Craft strategies and explain their appropriateness. Word count (from the start of the Introduction section to the end of the Conclusion section): 2314 words Executive summary Competing head to head with international companies in the IT industry can have challenges. This paper considers the apparent challenges in the market, how crafting new strategic plans can make a small…show more content…
Leader Computers is a family owned small business that is focussed on being a value add IT distributor. In a strongly competitive market, Leader has found that offering additional services and flexibility with their customers have given them a niche in the market. They focus on providing goods at a fair price, while still offering extra services such as sales aids and product training nights. As Leader only sales to resellers and not to the public, a great deal of the products sold provides a high margin to their customers to ensure they can make the repeat business more viable. Leader is perceived as a direct competitor to many international companies in the local market and embraces diversity in customer type to broaden the base of customers they reach. The diversity of customer type ensures that business can be stable and not reliant on just a retail sales or small business market at one time. Leader is an active member of the local community and participates in a variety of local sponsorships. "Event sponsorship may offer benefits to the community, to employees, and to the organization. Today, as communities increasingly depend upon business organizations' assistance, mutually beneficial partnerships may enhance the quality of the communities as well as the firms involved" (Walker Mack, R 1999). 5. SWOT Analysis Leader is an IT distributor and manufacturing company in South Australia. The company is based in
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