Strategic Management Growth Oriented Timber Haulage Entrepreneurs

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The ‘’Successful Strategic Management Growth-Oriented Timber Haulage Entrepreneurs’’ describes what kind of strategic management develop to achieve growth profitability. Also, this research emphasizes the importance of strategic management. Strategic management involves the implementation of setting objectives, policies and goals. The most important factor to achieve a successful growth and sustainability is taken by the executive manager and owners. Executive managers has the commitment to reach and pursue the firms’ objectives to create profit. Also, the executive manager have the highest level in the company, but also the highest responsibilities of managing the company day-to-day. The owners and executive managers design and develop…show more content…
Finally, making decision such as improve their products or services if it is necessary.
IV. Review of the literature According to the study ‘’Successful Strategic Management for Growth-Oriented Timber Haulage Entrepre-neurs’’ since 20th century, timber had an important role in the national economy of Finland. The purpose of this study was to investigate the largest growth-oriented timber haulage companies and design a strategic management plan to growth. Also, investigate how entrepreneurs design a strategic plan to solve the company’s problems. Timber haulage is the biggest employer in the rural areas of Finland. The oldest company was established in 1920s and the newest on 1990s. These companies transport and deliver the timber by trucks. Every year, the wood harvested by forest machine increase. Sometimes, the sector suffers from low profitability because delivering woods to the mills requires skills work from the drivers. The sector has been decreasing number of entrepreneurs and the increasing of large companies. The competitive advantage of firms depends on the distinctive capabilities shaped by the firm’s managerial resources. The firm needs to analyze the competition, search for their weakness, and try to avoid to make the same mistakes to planning strategies. This emphasizes the importance of manage-ment in company to gain profits. Based on J. Soirinsuo and P. Mäkinen investigation,
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