Strategic Management Ikea Analysis

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Jorge De Solá Bocardo 36581753-t University of Cadiz ( Spain) Case study IKEA Strategic management Main factors of development of IKEA Strenghts and weakness Oportunities and threaths Main strategic problems out of Swot analysis Identification of corporate strategy Your suggestions and recommendations Answers: Main factors of development of IKEA The company starts when Ingvar Kamprad from Sweden and when he was really child only with 17 years old, he started selling matches and later on added ballpoints in his product list. He used to have a curious…show more content…
* The distance to the center can be an added cost and a burden on response times Oportunities and threaths Oportunities * It’s playing in a free market segment, in which only appear two strong players, retailers normal range and other high-end retailers, basically segmented for the sole purpose of design and range. In that IKEA can enter a new position that could almost say that would be unique, not only combines the range and design if not a series of factors such as the relaxation in the various restaurants, and other activities that do get results not seen before. * For the structure he has will be easy to settle in any country with a large number of local, ensured a successful Threaths * The threat like many great in any sector would be the occurrence of any local competitor acting in the same industry with a similar tactic or also obtain a competitive advantage in costs, which would make IKEA had to change its strategy again trade to go ahead with the mission * Another major threat and that is the order of the day is the problem we have with the American market, as we have seen in several documents the changing American population not much furniture, so the problem could be a great furniture barrier for your business. * We might also
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