Strategic Management : Mission And Goals

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A. Strategy
1. Importance of creating vision, mission, and values statements

Having a mission statement is critical for all organizations. It tells your target audience as well as your organization who you are, what your goal is as an organization and why you are doing it. You then incorporate that into your company culture from the top down. This will help all employees better understand what the goal is for the company, as well as build passion within the organization for the mission itself. Within the mission statement you need to link this to your organizational goals. This will help everyone better understand what drives and motivates the company, its leadership and investors. Clear
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Individuals take into account both positive and negative consequences based on personal preferences and expectations prior to making a decision regarding a change.
With the leadership buy-in, they will be more effectively engaging employees in carrying out the organization’s mission, vision, values and strategic trajectory, the strategy will fail and or a change will not be sustained over time. Any policies, stratigic changes or action plans executed within an organizational will be ineffective without leadership support. Managing or implementing them requires a strong and unwavering commitment from the CEO and change leaders/agents. Business competition and landscape are ever changing, an organizational survival is dependent on developing the ability to adapt to and embrace the proposal proactively.

3. Analytical tools in performing a situational analysis

Situation analysis is a collection of tools providing insights in different perspectives, however, they all serve the same goal which is to help organizations deal with challenges by understanding where they stand, what their capabilities are, and what environments they are in so they can prepare themselves to stay ahead of the game.
1) 5c analysis
5C analysis is a comprehensive analysis. It looks into the internal, macro-environmental, and micro-environmental factors. The 5C analysis is considered to be the most useful and common method in analyzing
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