Strategic Management : Mission, Vision And The Overall Goal Of The Business

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Strategic Management is the understanding of the information received collectively of the transition of the company or organization resources, the implementation of the mission, vision and the overall goal of the business. Also, it is the fixed alignment plan that is used to transform the company into a systematic objective to provide strategic performance feedback to the decisions that is incorporated to enable the plan to evolve and mutual above performance measurements. Jurevicious (2013) suggests strategic management is a “continuous process of strategic analysis, strategy creation, implementation and monitoring, used by organizations with the purpose to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage” (Jurevicious, 2013).
Therefore, several process of strategic management have measureable increase self-motivating knowledge that increase my abilities to be a better CEO of a nonprofit organization company. First, lesson is the team building skills to create an essential group of people to build a success nonprofit organization. The negative aspect is the employee losing or have a lack of passion. When you began team builder there is need to have an open platform for the employee to speak freely. The team need to feel that there are a part of having a positive impact on the organization. The negative impact is meeting with employee that cannot see a positive foundation within the organization. How to lead the team to the next level, and active empower positive reinforcement,

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