Strategic Management Of International Enterprises

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES WALMART INTERNATIONALISATION IN URUGUAY Table of contents Executive Summary This Report proposes how the multinational corporation Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 's will further its internationalisation process. SWOT analysis has been used for distinguishing Walmart 's strength and weaknesses. PEST analysis is used for having a good understanding over the country expansion that is Uruguay. For identifying the possible advantages for entering the Uruguyan retail market with an equity mode Dunning 's Electric Paradigm (OLI- model ) has been used. INTRODUCTION Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., branded as Walmart, is the American multinational retail corporation, which…show more content…
In the year 1991 they started expand ing their business to overseas market initiating their first store in Mexico and till today they have started operating in more than 25 countries outside the U.S. The corporation have large market shares and more than 5500 stores internationally. The company operates under 69 different banners and in three major segments internationally. (Walmart, n.d. A). Walmart 's universal purpose was segmented by Sam Walton himself: "If we work together, we will lower the cost of living for everyone.. we will give the world an opportunity to see what it 's like to save and have a better life." (Walmart,n.d. E). Products and services The three major segments which are operated by the Walmart primarily are Sam 's Club, Walmart U.S and a distinct division for Internationalisation that is Walmart International. There is also a great expansion of the company business through e-commerce (Walmart, n.d. B). Today the Company is operating with three extensive product categories units internationally: Wholesale stores, Retail centres and others. These categories are composed of numerous format including discount stores, retail websites, supermarkets, hypermarkets, apparel stores and restaurants (Walmart, n.d. C). Key Market segments The company aimed demographic includes
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