Strategic Management Of The Healthcare Industry

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Strategic Management Interview MHA 536 Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Candice Cole 05/10/2017 Introduction The healthcare industry is an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. It is reported that the industry faces many criticisms because of the lack of mechanisms to achieve explicit goals (Preker et al 1341). Many healthcare organizations have already shut down as they did not establish clear strategies that will address the problems and create opportunities to succeed. Because of this, different healthcare organizations should know how to strategically plan to deliver exceptional medical care to patients. Strategically managing an organization will help to implement new goals, and set priorities. It can also…show more content…
He has completed His Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Master’s degree in Counseling and Doctorate degree in Counseling. He is also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). His main job is to assist persons with physical, mental, social or emotional disabilities to attain psychological and vocational goals. As a mental health professional, he focuses on people suffering from substance use and alcohol abuse. In 2012, Dr. Lopez became the managing director of the hospital. His colleagues inspired him to be a leader because he knows how to listen and give them constant advice on how to handle problems or concerns inside the hospital. As a leader, he uses his attitude and experiences for being a counselor. He has a passion for helping others as well as a passion for this profession. With his exceptional listening skills, he listens to the problems arising and then plans on how to address these concerns. He constantly gives feedbacks to the employees, especially when he sees something wrong. However, he makes sure that these feedbacks are more of encouraging than degrading the employees. In this way, employees will be determined to perform their duties well. He tries to be a great role model so that employees will be inspired to do their work like his but poses authority so that he can still gain respect
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