Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic Management

1. Background of Qantas
2. Analysis of Qantas
External analysis
a. What industry is it?
b. General environment analysis
c. The industry environment
d. Competitive environment
e. You now have material about opportunities
Internal analysis
f. The firm’s resources, tangible and intangible
g. Capabilities identification
h. Core competency analysis
i. Value chain analysis
j. Weakness
k. Pulling it together
l. Current strategies
3. Recommendation & Strategies
4. Conclusion
5. Reference
6. Appendix

Background of Qantas Qantas is a flag carrier airline in Australia which established in Winton, Queensland since November 1920 and the second oldest airlines in the
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It obstructs the development of Qantas Airways said by Mr Abbott. The rule also limit their international marketing expertise to improve Qantas which make Qantas cannot move on in aviation industry. Also, bilateral restrictions block it flying. As the result, Qantas difficultly fight with other competitors such as Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines.
In 20th century, women are commonly in the workforce, some of them flight for business purpose. The airline can provide some specific products and services for women during their onboard. Nowadays, customers have the expectations of customer service are higher than before. Customers demand of quality services, innovative products and special experience during onboard.
Nowadays, science and technologies change rapidly. The demands of passengers will be change; they would expect a higher level of products and services of airline than before. Qantas must apply more and more new technologies by upgrading their products and facilities. Moreover, Qantas has to deliver innovative products and facilities so as to attract more and more loyalty customers.
Political events, diseases and terrorization will cause influences of the demand of flights; commonly, people will afraid of their safety on the aircraft and the affecting areas, and also their health of bodies. For example, 11/9 terror, SARS disease and shut down
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