Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic Management and Planning is a course of decisions and actions which ultimately lead to the development of a strategy to help a company achieve their objectives. Strategic planning focuses on the company’s long term range and how to accomplish what is laid out. Effective planning will help to prevent problems, provide a response if problems occur, and make available information and support needed to maintain public awareness, safety, and confidence.
How do the two UCB's strategic IT plans stack up against the Baldrige criteria for assessing strategic planning? The Baldrige criteria are a series of questions that are not routinely asked on how an organization or company can function more efficiently. The purpose of these
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2. Seamless, integrated, immediate, and continuous self-service access to information and services.
3. Robust technology tools to support collaboration.
4. Access to tools and data/information that enable community members to develop their own integrated solutions.
The UC-Bolder defined their strategic objectives as the following:
1. Universally available wireless network including all campus buildings and strategic open common spaces as well as access to a campus VPN.
2. Faculty purchase and renewal program allowing all faculty a significant subsidy for a new computer every several years.
3. Free antivirus and encryption to protect data as well as access to a variety of major software licenses.
4. Integrated email, calendaring, and scheduling (Exchange).
5. Accessible and multi-layered IT support including both centralized and dedicated IT personnel.
6. Classroom and online IT training.
The Baldrige concepts also ask the universities to ensure that they have proper resource allocations for their strategic visions. In other words, how do the universities convert their strategic objectives into action plans through resource allocations? CU-Boulder’s Information Technology Services has approximately 270 employees. CU has clearly defined how they will allocate their IT resources to ensure they meet their strategic goals. CU-Boulder’s IT allocation is as follow:
1. Campus
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