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Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction of Shangri-La Hotel 3 2.0 Shangri -la Hotel existing Vision, Mission, Goals and Objective 4 2.1 Proposed new Vision and Mission 5 2.1.1 Vision 5 2.1.2 Mission 5 3.0 Shangri-La Hotel Internal and External Environment 7 3.1 Internal Assessment: Strength 7 3.2 Internal Assessment: Weaknesses 9 3.3 External Assessment: Opportunities 10 Growing Airline Industry 10 3.4 External Assessment: Threats 12 Increasing in Competitors 12 4.0 IFE, EFE and CPM Matrix 15 4.1 IFE Matrix 15 4.2 EFE Matrix 16 4.3 Company Profile Matrix (CPM) 17 5.0 SWOT Matrix, IE Matrix, and QSPM 18 5.1 SWOT Matrix 18 5.2 IE Matrix 19 5.3 QSPM 20 6.0 Recommendation on Specific Strategies 21 7.0…show more content…
First of all, the term "first choice" is not sufficient to emphasize on values such as quality and superior. Besides that, the vision statement lack of elements that shows "warmth" and "hearty" of Shangri-la Hotel, which they always focus on.

Proposed new vision
To be acknowledged regionally and globally as the first choice and best hospitality group that deliver the highest service standard and enlighten our guest, colleagues, shareholders and business partners with the warmth of hospitality from the heart.

2.1.2 Mission
Comments on existing Mission
The current mission statement of Shangri-La Hotel is too short. Although in its mission statement includes delighting their guest, but Shangri-La Hotel have missed out their stakeholders such as their employees and shareholders. Apart from that, their mission statement should also include superiority and excellence element since Shangri-La hotel is a expensive, luxury hotel.
Proposed new Mission
We attempt to provide the most superior and outstanding hospitality service regionally and globally that exceed customer expectation by consistent quality and creating engaging experiences straight from our heart. We are committed to making a difference every day and continually enlighten our customers with surprises. We strives to be the first choice among our customers, employees, shareholders, and business partners.

3.0 Shangri-La Hotel Internal and External

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