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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Cathy Shaw Professor Etta Steed BUS499 Business Administration Capstone 16 January 2016 Globalization changes have impacted Burger King in the following ways; since the company began in 1953 with its first restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida and opened several locations across the United States, the company began its international expansion in 1969 with its first international franchise location in Canada, followed by Australia in 1971, and Europe in 1975. The setting up of franchises outside the United States was as a result of fast food opportunities arising outside the United States. So as to fully integrate in the international market, Burger King had to adopt and embrace…show more content…
The companies’ vision statement is, “to be the most profitable quality service restaurant business, with use of its franchise system and workforce while serving the best burgers in the world”. The vision statement states where the company wants to be in the future. In its vision statement, the company states that it wants to be the most profitable quality service restaurant business in the world. A vision statement encourages the companies’ employees to be focused and to know what the company wants to achieve in the future (Anthony et. al. 2013). The mission statement communicates to stakeholders the main activities that the company focuses on in order for it to achieve its vision. The mission statement communicates to employees’ information on how to conduct their day to day activities. The mission statements also describe the organizations, policies, culture as well as ethics (Alesia 2013). Burger King has external stakeholders and internal stakeholders that are part of its success. The company sells its products in its 13,000 outlets in 79 countries worldwide. Its global sales in the year 2014 were $23 billion. High sales have enabled the company to be sustainable. The company also partners with financiers to help fund acquisitions such as $9.4 billion debt financing agreements with JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. The company also acquires finances from financial

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