Strategic Management Position For Hilton Resorts

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It is the responsibility of senior leadership to strategically manage the organization. Strategic management is a continuous process rather than a one-time event. Therefore, the senior leaders must become strategic thinkers and leaders of the organization and its culture, changing it as necessary (Wells, 1998). According to Fuller and Green (2016) leadership is critical to forming and implementing strategy and without it, good strategy does not happen. The first step toward strategic management is to develop a strategic plan for the organization. In a management position for Hilton Resorts, this is especially important for employees to understand the aims and objectives set and the steps they will take to achieve them. As a company our first efforts for organizational improvement efforts as described by Wells (1998) are: • Creating a vision of the organization’s future • Developing a set of guiding principles (behavioral norms necessary to achieve that vision) • Clarifying the mission, or core purpose, of the organization • Developing strategic goals (what must change to achieve the vision) Hilton’s Vision To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality –by delivering exceptional experiences – every hotel, every guest, every time. Hilton’s Mission To be the most hospitable company in the world – by creating heartfelt experiences for Guests, meaningful opportunities for Team Members, high value for Owners and a positive impact in our Communities. Vision is the
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