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Samsung 03-12-12 Case Study – Strategic Management Contents 1. What are Samsung's Business Model and CVP (customer value proposition)? (30 marks) 3 Samsung Business Model – Canvas 3 Key Partners of Samsung 3 Key activities of Samsung 3 Key Resources 3 Cost structure 3 Revenue screams 4 Value Proposition 4 Customer relationships 5 Channels 5 Customer segments 5 Business Model Assessment: 5 Customer value proposition – Samsung 6 2. What are Samsung's Dynamic Capabilities (30 marks) 8 3. How Samsung re design a Smartphone, creating a Blue Ocean and making smart phones available to the masses at breakthrough price points (40 marks) 9 The Four Steps of Visualizing Strategy 9 Visual awaking 9 Visual exploration 10 Visual…show more content…
Samsung will also operate internally, to improve the conditions of the employees and to limit possible conflicts. 2. What are Samsung's Dynamic Capabilities (30 marks) 20 years ago Samsung transform from low cost original equipment manufacturer to a world leader in R&D, marketing and design. They had success because they added western business practices to their existing Japanese system, so they combined a low-cost manufacturing process with the ability to produce high-quality products with additional value. Samsung restructure the workforce, therefore they added outsiders from other cultures and who are unfamiliar with the company culture to homogeneous workforce. Furthermore they put young people in a position with authority. The current dynamic capabilities of Samsung are the Samsung’s Hybrid Management System. It combines the Western System with the traditional Japanese business model. Samsung’s Hybrid Management System includes: High diversification with a focus on the businesses financial service, IT-Service, machinery, shipbuilding and chemicals. They are operating in the internal and external capital markets. Samsung tries to focus on innovation, marketing and design to compete with establish but also improve their operational system for price competition. The company place value on long-term relationships with suppliers but they also try to have a certain

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