Strategic Management : Strategic Design Management

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The literature research help to understand the strategic design management by investigating the individual meanings of individual and combined terms and the relationships between them that produce the essential ingredients of the tem “strategic design management”.
By Definition
“A business process that incorporates design and its management into the strategy formation process, and implemented at every level of the organization”.
“Supply network design involves configuring the shape and capabilities of one’s own and other operations with which business interacts” (Slack et al 2009)
Design management is effective for any network to start when it’s required by any customer and when design is included
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Nevertheless, both are inextricably linked and are essential to the overall organizations’ design and strategy management processes. Though strategy is often advertised as a service and capability, strategic management, design management and strategic design management are rarely if ever advertised or marketed by consultants offering design services.
There is possibly a market for a new model of consulting services, divorced from specialist design outputs, the goal of which is to help organizations manage Design as a critical element of strategic management.
The main mission, goals and objective in strategy implementation are to set out why there is need to understand that organization exist and what it is doing with respect of customer point of view. The goals are to specify what the organization hopes to fulfil in the medium of long term. Form which the objective is achieved to attain that leads the superior performance. In external analysis the major step is to identify the strategic opportunities and threats in the operating environment. Where else the internal analysis provides to identify the strength and weakness. Discovering the basics of the network design can explain us an overview, benefits of the classified network design and its methodology. As in to have an organized network in this complex world for our daily requirements, a careful planning and designing is looked-for. A Good
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