Strategic Management : Strategic Leadership

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Introduction The focus of strategic leadership is the enduring performance potential of an organization- achieving the potential of the organization over time so that it will thrive in the long term (Hughes,, 2014). Strategic leadership happens when individuals create the direction, alignment, and commitment needed to achieve the enduring performance potential of the organization (Hughes,, 2014). Leaders are more strategic when they are strong strategy makers, that is, when they develop effective organizational strategies. Strategy involves change, and achieving long-term performance potential in an ever-changing environment requires continuous change. The critical issue for strategic leaders is how to make changes that progressively build on each other and represent an evolving enhancement of the organization’s well- being. The development of strategy involves some level of analysis and assessment of internal an external factors of the organization. Strategic drivers are those determinants of sustainable competitive advantage for an organization that determines competitive success, success factors, and value propositions. Drivers must be prioritized, and determines where an organization will excel. As a leader, one must be prepared to change and prioritize drivers on a continuous basis. Leadership strategy describes the organizational and human capabilities required to enact the business strategy effectively. Culture is an important aspect of
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