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SM Term Paper Rizwana Ali Roll No.32 Table of Contents Vision 4 Philosophy 4 Mission 4 Suzlon Positioning 5 Organization Structure of Suzlon Group 6 Organizational Structure 7 Business Strategy 9 Porter’s Five Competitive Forces 11 SWOT Analysis 21 Strengths 21 Weaknesses 22 Opportunities 23 Threats 24 Tows Matrix 26 Suzlon’s low cost strategy 27 Competitive Strengths 30 Product-Market Characteristics 34 End To End Solutions Models 35 Corporate Social Responsibility 37 Summary and Recommendation 39 Conclusions: 40 About the Company Suzlon Energy is a global wind power company based in India. Suzlon is a market leader in Renewable Energy Resources segment in India. It specializes in providing total…show more content…
Added to that proven technology, global R&D centers, 24 X 7 monitoring system with dedicated team focusing each day on the customer satisfaction, has helped Suzlon to spread its operation across 5 continents, 32 countries and more than 1,600 customers across the globe making Suzlon a global player. Suzlon’s contribution towards combating climate change, building a greener and sustainable tomorrow was recognized at the COP16 global submit in Mexico where it was presented with Gigaton Award for global leadership in emissions control and sustainability practices in the energy category. Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Chairman and Managing Director, was conferred the title “Wind Visionary of Asia” by the Asian Development Bank. The recognition emphasizes Suzlon’s commitment to build the case for wind across the world and highlights a decade of tremendous work in key markets of Asia. Organization Structure of Suzlon Group [pic] Organizational Structure [pic]Organizational Hierarchy [pic] Here the CMD appoints the head of different departments like finance, business development, quality assurance, supply chain, purchase. Company is having one separate department for its Denmark operation handling. Company is involving all levels of employees for

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