Strategic Management : The World 's Second Largest Pc Vendor

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With a fast economic development and an increasingly competitive marketing, it has demonstrated that a successful company has to performance effective strategies through the whole operation for its survival and development. As known to all, a strategy is a overall view, referring to the plans and actions a enterprise selects to achieve its goals, including “some planned and systematic consideration of how to remain or become successful in that business”, some “internal factors” and “external factors” (textbook, ). Additionally, Strategic management regards as how to formulate, implement and evaluate strategies through a series of managerial activities, strengthening an organisation’s core competences, (MGM foundation). In a company, it is usually considered as the key engine of how and where it should invest its resources.
It is well known that Lenovo is the world’s second-largest PC vendor ,as well as the China’s second-largest smartphone company, manufacturing desktops, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs and own accessories (Lenovo website, n.d.). Having changed its name to “Lenovo” since 2003, the company has decided to expand its market outside China by carrying out a series of effective management strategies, particularly in PC+ strategy, multi-brand strategy, “protect and attack” strategy and global-local strategy. Depending on the seasonable adjustment for the rapidly changing markets, Lenovo currently already has obtained trust and loyalty from millions of consumers

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