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Background of VIRGIN

In 1968 a guy named Richard Branson started the Student magazine and that was the starting of his revolutionary business career and from that time Branson did not have to look back ever. Now today Branson has the huge size of his business which is VIRGIN BUSINESS GROUP. This group owns more than 200 companies. “Branson” and “VIRGIN” is now a symbol of a famous brand all over the world.

VIRGIN group holds a pretty number of companies. Most popular VIRGIN companies are VIRGIN Money, VIRGIN America, VIRGIN Australia, VIRGIN Money Giving, VIRGIN Casino, VIRGIN Holidays, VIRGIN Balloon Flights, VIRGIN Cola, VIRGIN Atlantic Airways, VIRGIN Galactic and VIRGIN Mobile. Starting a business from student magazine to
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They made revenues from those companies and when the industry growth falls, they sell them with high prices. If we figure out this strategy in the BCG ‘Growth-Share Matrix’, we can see that a number of companies were bought and sold in relation to their growth and market share.

| | High Share | Low Share |
| | | |
| | |(Question Marks?) |
|High Growth |(STARS) | |
| | |VIRGIN Vision Launch |
| | |VIRGIN Music Launch |
| | |VIRGIN acquires Mastertronic |

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